U.S. Equestrian Club to Shut Down Following Trump’s Threats

The U.K. Equally Opportunistic Sailing Association (OASIA), the United States Equally Opportunityistic Sails Association (UEASA), and Canada’s Equally Sailing Club (EOSC) will all shut down their boats in 2019 due to President Donald Trump’s threats against the boats, a U.N. statement released on Wednesday said.

“We strongly condemn the threats, and the threat of unilateral suspension, made by President Donald J. Trump against the equestrians and other vessels that are working to ensure a safe and sustainable environment for people around the world,” the U.

Ns Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a statement.

“This is a direct attack on all the organisations that work to protect and enhance the quality of life of people on this planet.”

The UBS-funded equestrials and their supporters have been organizing to protest the threats.

The UASA is the largest international sailing group in the world, and has organized over 100 events around the globe.

The European Equally-Sailing Association is a smaller sailing group, and is often not as active in the UASAs anti-Trump protests, but has expressed its concerns.

In March, the EOSC cancelled a planned event after Trump threatened to revoke its charter and suspend its membership.

“The decision to cancel the sailing event is a strong and principled statement of our position on the threats that have been made against the EUSSA and its members,” said the Eosceles Sailing and Events Association, which has a membership of more than 500 members worldwide.

The EOSCA and the UBS organization that funded it have been active in a series of anti-government protests and rallies, and a raft of other actions in the last year.

On Friday, the UAW, the largest U.A.

W union in the United Kingdom, called for the UASS to suspend its sailing operations in the wake of the Trump threat.

“Trump has made it clear that his administration will stop at nothing to try and force his way into the trade negotiations and take our jobs, and our livelihoods,” said Andy Shackelford, a spokesman for the United Auto Workers union.

“I would like to see UASS and other trade unions like it stop supporting his administration, and stand up to this administration, for the sake of our families and our children and our communities.”

The EUSDA, the other U.NAF-accredited sailing group that the UBSA and the ENSAA work with, has also canceled its sailing plans in the coming weeks.

“At a time when we need to build a stronger and more sustainable economy, it is absolutely imperative that all sectors of the UBASA and ENSSA work together to ensure that a safe, sustainable future for all is achieved,” the EUSDSA said in the statement.

The statement continued: “It is imperative that we remain steadfast in our efforts to make our oceans and our oceans of life safe and secure for the many, who are often the hardest hit by the impacts of climate change and other global environmental crises.

It would be a betrayal of the sailing industry if we allowed our industry to be sidelined by threats of unilateral action from the White House.”

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