Why are the horses still wearing gloves?

An equestriener has revealed the true meaning of the word gloves in an online interview.

Key points:The club has announced that gloves will be banned for its members from next seasonIt is a decision taken by the AFL, which said the gloves had become an eyesoreThe AFL has also ordered the owners of all equestrians clubs in the state to make the change by the end of the seasonThe sport’s governing body, the AFL has said gloves will now be banned from the first weekend of the 2018 season for all its members, and the club will be forced to wear black gloves for at least one year.

In a statement on its website, the Belmont Equestrian Club said it had not seen the AFL’s decision, which came in a meeting with the owners, and that it would not comment on the matter further.

“As an Australian sport, it is incumbent upon us to have an inclusive environment where all members can be valued, respected and valued by others,” the statement said.

“We understand that the AFL takes its position on the gloves issue extremely seriously and has consulted extensively with the club, its membership and other stakeholders before making the decision.”

The AFL will continue to work with the clubs to find a mutually agreeable solution.

“The AFL said it was taking action to address the issue, with the banning of gloves in the sport from the start of the next season.”

For the AFL to remove gloves from our members and ensure the safety of our members, we need to be able to do this with a high level of safety, with our players and with the broader community,” the AFL said.

It said the ban would be imposed by the start, in 2019, and it was not likely to be extended beyond that.”

In the event of a repeat offence, the gloves will not be removed from membership and will not come into play for our players until the end-of-season,” the league said.

The AFL is also ordering the owners to make changes.”

This is a move to ensure that all members have the equipment they need for the upcoming season and to provide an environment where we can all work together to build the sport of equestria,” the commission said.

In the past, the sport has been dogged by concerns about safety and its effect on the sport, with a series of incidents including a young horse being struck by a helmet.”

At the same time, the club has a long history of providing safe environments for our members to work in and enjoy,” the club said.

Read more”The club believes that the safety and welfare of our employees and members is paramount and it is our sincere hope that the change will result in a safer environment for our employees, staff and members.”

The club also said it would be working with the sport’s state and territory governing bodies to find solutions to the gloves’ safety issues.

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