What you need to know about Singapore’s equestrians

The equestria in Singapore are renowned for their love of horseback riding, and the country has been a breeding ground for horses ever since.

But now the country is facing a serious shortage of horsemeat, and a backlash against the government has seen thousands of horse carcasses dumped into the sea and rivers.

In response, the country’s Ministry of Agriculture has been beefing up the number of horses available for slaughter, and announced plans to raise the number to 300,000 a year.

The problem is so serious that even the city of Singapore itself has started stockpiling its own horsemeat.

This is because the Ministry of Health has said that there are currently too many horse carcass sites on the island, which is home to more than 100,000 equestriacs.

The situation is so dire that Singapore is now banning the import of horses and equestries to the island.

While the island is home of around 70,000 horses, many of them are slaughtered at the local horse farm, known as Siam Nuan, where they are often kept for a long time, usually as pets.

“We are now facing a problem with our equestration supply, where we can’t meet demand,” said Lee Ting Wee, the president of the Singapore Horse Welfare Association.

It’s estimated that between 200,000 and 400,000 animals are killed each year for their meat, which are then sold on to Singapore’s four main horsemeat exporters.

We are facing a crisis in equestrations supply, Lee Tink Wee, president of Singapore Horse Society, told Vice News.

Lee Tink, the executive director of the Association for Equestrian and Sport Tourism, said the demand is so great that the horsemeat is being exported by ship, while other parts of the country are still importing horses.

“We cannot supply all of Singapore’s horses, and so we have to go to the islands where we have horses and sell them on,” he said.

He also said that some equestres in Singapore had not been able to pay the shipping charges that were charged to the mainland, because they were not registered with the Ministry for Agriculture.

Some equestre also have no other way to meet their own demand.

When Vice News asked the Ministry if it would pay the costs for the shipping, a spokesman said they would, but that there was no guarantee that would happen.

“The Ministry for Equine and Sport Management is aware of the issue and will be looking into the matter,” the spokesman said.

However, he did say that the Ministry had “taken action” to address the issue.

Despite the fact that the island’s population is already low, and that many residents are in poor health, it’s not as though the island has been completely isolated from the mainland.

There are several other islands nearby, which the Singapore Government estimates are home to between 300,00 and 500,000 people.

Many of these islands are still receiving horsemeat from mainland China.

Meanwhile, some residents have complained that the importation of horse meat is a matter of great concern, and called for the authorities to address it.

At the end of March, Singapore’s Chief Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the government would look into the situation and would decide if further measures were needed to combat the problem.

For now, however, the situation is not likely to change.

According to Lee Tindo, the Association of Equestrians and Sporttourists, the government should take the lead in the matter.

“I think the government is taking the issue seriously,” he told Vice.

If the situation gets worse, he said, the Government would consider imposing more stringent controls on horsemeat imports.

And the country needs to take action if it is to meet its own national horsemeat quota.

With a report by The Associated Press

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