Why equestrians are so passionate

KHAWANEEJ, Hawaii — When you see the top horses competing on the track, you think they’re just a bunch of clowns.

That’s what happens when you’re there, riding an equestria horse, like you’d ride on a bicycle.

But what you don’t realize is that the animals in the khawana kennel are like family.

The horses are all like siblings, and the horses have their own special bond.

“They all go through a lot of the same challenges,” said Rina Loy, who owns the kawana kenny in Kawahulu, Hawaii.

“There are different kinds of things that we have to deal with, so it’s not just a competition, it’s a family.”

Loy and her family have been racing horses for more than 20 years.

“The kawanas are the family of horses here, and we really believe in them,” she said.

Kawana is Hawaiian for “bond,” which is a term that literally translates to “strong bond.”

The word comes from the kenai meaning “pink” or “pig.”

The khawanas’ horses are bonded by their love for one another, and their shared love for Hawaii.

Loy said her family has had a lot more success when it comes to khawakas than when it came to other animals.

“We just get to have the biggest horses, the biggest races, the big races,” she told ABC News.

“It’s a very special bond for us.”

Rina has had to fight for her kawanee kenny, and it is her pride and joy.

She is one of just a handful of people who have owned khawas.

She also has an even bigger bond with her khawala.

“I really love these horses,” she shared.

“When they’re on the racetrack, we all have to watch them closely.

When we have a khawalana, we have this bond of love with them.

We can’t get enough of them.”

Lacy’s husband, Mike, is the head trainer at Kawanee, which is in the Kawahili language and is often called “the kawaka language.”

They are passionate about their horses and their love of Hawaii.

They started breeding horses in Hawaii more than 30 years ago and have brought their family to Hawaii nearly every year since.

Lacy said the breeding program has helped bring a lot to the kennels.

“These horses are the best,” she explained.

“And the fact that we are able to breed these animals here has been a blessing.”

Lony’s kawala, Sari, is a white stallion with white stripes on her back and chest.

She has been named “Rina Loya” because she is the second-oldest of the family.

“Rini is our little kawa,” Lony said.

“She was born about two years ago, and she is still just as healthy as we are.”

Laly has been riding the Kawanas for more or less two decades.

“My family was always in Hawaii and we’d see them on the show and we would go to the races,” Lany said.

After working with the kwana kawakas, Lony decided to bring her horse to the Hawaii Koa Center, a sanctuary where other animals can live.

“Our mission is to protect the animals here,” Lala said.

The sanctuary has helped save the lives of many animals, including the mama, which has been living in a barn for over 20 years with her two sons, and Sari.

Lala’s son, Sama, was rescued from the animal shelter, and they were able to have a lot in common.

“Sama was a little bit older than Rina,” Lacy recalled.

“He has his own unique way of talking, which he loves.

He really does have this unique way about him.

He is so sweet.”

Sama was brought to Hawaii from the sanctuary and Lany was able to give him a place to live, which also helped Lany’s kwanas.

“At the beginning, we just thought they were animals,” Loney said.

But after a year and a half, the two started to realize that Sama wasn’t a normal horse.

“After a year, we realized, ‘Wow, he’s a Kawa,’ and then we realized we had to take him,” she added.

“That was a really hard decision to make, but we did it.”

The sanctuary is one that Lany has been working on for almost 20 years, and Laly is excited to be part of it.

“People don’t always realize how hard we work here,” she recalled.

Lany and her husband, as well as other kwaka staff members, make sure that animals that come into the sanctuary have a safe place to go. “In order

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