The Queen, the Duchess and their equestrians have been pictured in London

LONDON – Three days before the Queen and Duchess of Cambridge will be on the move, their horses have been spotted on the pavements of the capital.

The equestries royal visit comes just days after the Duke and Duchess were spotted on their way to the Queen’s private riding school, where they will be receiving a royal education.

In the picture, the Duke’s horse, St. Bernard, can be seen alongside the Queen, who was riding her horse, the Rouser, during a visit to the King Edward VII Horse School.

The Queen and her horse are seen with their horses, the King’s horse St. John the Baptist, and the Duke of Edinburgh’s horse the Rattle, at the King Albert Horse Park in London.

The royal horse school is in Kensington Gardens, a central London neighborhood.

A horse that was also seen at the school is the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Rattle.

The horses are not the only royals to have visited the horse school, and are just the latest additions to a growing list of royal visitors to London.

Last week, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Sussex, who are also royal members of the Royal Family, visited the Horse Park to watch a horse race.

Earlier this year, Prince Harry and his wife Samantha met horses at the horse-breeding center and spent a few hours with the horses.

The Duke and the Queen are expected to join Prince Charles on his trip to the Horse School on Wednesday.

The King of Scotland, Prince Philip, will also be in attendance.

The Royal Horse Park is located at 641 Southwark Street in the heart of London, just across from Buckingham Palace.

The horse park is not only a major tourist attraction but also a major horse breeding facility.

The breeders have had success breeding horses in the United States, Canada and the UK for the past 50 years.

The breeders are known for their high-quality, well-trained horses, which they train to be the best in the world.

The Horse Park was founded in the 1950s and now has more than 200 horses in breeding programs across the UK.

The breeding center is located on the site of a former horse breeding station.

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