How the horse race industry is evolving in Saudi Arabia

The horses race at Auvais thouars, a horse track in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the main attraction for the horses at the Equestrian Club in Beauvais Thouars.

 This horse track is located in the country’s capital, Riyadh, and is home to horses, horses, and horses.

The equestrians race in a race ring on the track, with spectators on the ground, on the horse tracks, and in the spectator stands.

The horses on the Beauvaise thouARS track are bred for the purpose of being in the track for a long time, and have to endure a lot of abuse and pain.

Many of the horses are so malnourished that they are even referred to as “a pig in a pot.”

One of the biggest challenges to equestria in Saudi is to keep the horses healthy and happy.

This is why many equestrials are involved in rehabilitating the horses.

One example is the team of the Saudi Arabian Society of Equine Medicine and Surgery.

The team of veterinarians who work at AuvarethouARS is one of the best in the world.

Dr. Amr al-Maghri, the medical director of the Auvaises thouARSS, is one such doctor.

“The horses at Auvas ThouARS have been bred for their endurance and speed.

They are not only fast but also very strong.

They have great endurance and are able to withstand a lot and are well trained,” Dr. al-Masri said.

Auvaises ThouARss vets also treat other illnesses, like respiratory infections, for which they are not allowed to work, which they do.

Even when they work in the fields, many of the animals are suffering from chronic diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia.

When asked about the impact on the horses’ health, Dr. Masri said that the vets are very busy, and many of them cannot spend time with their horses.

“The vets are the main ones, and it is very stressful to do their work.

The horses are trained in the field.

They also have to run around in the hot sun, so they have to take care of the heat and make sure the horses do not get sick,” he said.”

This is the most stressful part of the job, because we have to make sure that the horses get proper care, but we cannot give them too much.”

The horses are treated daily in the veterinary clinic by a team of 10 doctors.

They take care that the animals do not suffer from any other diseases, but are allowed to roam around, do things like play and run.

However, the team does not receive any compensation from the Saudi government, and the vets do not receive salary from the government.

In the meantime, they still do the work that they were trained to do.

“We do a lot for the health of the dogs and cats, and we do a good job.

But the horses also suffer a lot, and they suffer because they do not have a regular schedule,” Dr al-Hamri said, adding that he does not think that the equestrial industry will continue to exist in the near future.

According to Dr. Al-Masiri, the horses and the horses will be used for other jobs in the future.

“When the horses can be used to help the police, or the police will help the horses, then they will continue,” he added.

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