Pata Pata Patra: A Pata Pattra’s life in India is remarkable

Pata, who grew up on the outskirts of Kolkata, was the second youngest of six children, his mother Pata Devi said.

He was a hard worker, always doing chores and taking care of the house.

“He was the type of person who was always ready to take responsibility for things,” she said.

Pata’s father and younger brother, Pata Pratap and Pata Rama Patra, both retired as corporators, were also educated in Kolkato.

Pata’s older brother Pata Ram, a school teacher in Kolar, also played cricket.

“I was always there to watch him,” Pata said.

“I always liked him.”

When he was 15, Pater was offered a scholarship to the University of Mysore to study veterinary science.

He was accepted, and in time was offered the opportunity to join the veterinary college in Kalyan.

A graduate of the college, he had become an animal caretaker in the nearby town of Thane.

The two-time All India Games gold medallist, Pattar was also a coach in the Kolkatas first indoor track and field tournament.

“The idea was that he could be a good coach in an indoor track track and cross-country team,” Pater said.

The family had a close relationship with Pata and his younger brother Rama.

But the family also grew accustomed to the life of the sport.

“We would take him to various tracks in the region and train him on different surfaces,” Pita said.

Pata is a keen runner and an avid horseman.

“He has always been a very good horseman,” said Pata.

Pater and his family used to train him in various fields, including the traditional fields in the south-western parts of Kalya.

“In Kolkati we have a very different atmosphere.

When we would come home, we would spend time in the forest,” Patta said.

It was around this time that Pata realised that he had a love of equine sports.

When Pata started taking his first lessons, his father and elder brother were keen to teach him the sport, Pate said.

His father was a track coach at Kolar and Pater’s brother Ramesh was a coach at Thane, Pati added.

“We would go out with my father to train horses and watch them race,” he said.

“He would say that if I wanted to train with him, I should do so with him.”

The two brothers would also join Pata in the sport during their summers.

After taking classes, Pates father would come to watch them in Kollam.

“As soon as we returned home, he would tell us that he would have to do a lot of chores to support us,” Patta said.

He also helped Pata manage his family affairs.

Pattara and his elder brother also worked at the Kollams home.

Around the age of 15, after his father’s death, Patti was offered an opportunity to become a coach.

Pate had been playing in the Indian indoor track league and was in his final year at the school when he was offered his first coaching job at Kollamingh High School in Kalinga.

Patta said his father was proud of him and would encourage him to work hard.

“When he died, he told me to work as hard as I can for Pata,” Patti said.

The Pater family was happy with Patta’s performance.

For Pattas younger brother and the older brother, who had not been playing much, Pator was a regular at the gymnasium and on the track.

“His father would have told him that his family should give him money to do what he wanted,” Pachi said.

There was also talk that Patta could take up coaching as an official coach at the state level.

Patta, however, said he wanted to continue his studies and was willing to pursue his dreams of becoming an official trainer.

Eventually, Patta and his older brother Rami were accepted as coaches.

At Kollames School, Pita had a special focus on his athletic prowess.

“At Kolkota, I would train with my elder brother and his other teammates,” Pator said.

When his father died, Patara was asked to take up the coaching position.

“It was a very sad moment for me because I felt I had been neglected,” Pati said.

But Pata continued to work with his older brothers and at Kolkas gym.

“Even in the summer, when we were out of school, I was always doing the same things as my elder brothers,” Patedi said.

After completing his studies, Pato and Rami

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