How the Indian Air Force is Training for a Military Coup

A military coup in India is expected to occur within the next month, as the military has launched a coup bid for the state of Punjab.

India’s military is reportedly preparing for a coup and has launched military exercises in the region.

The military has already been holding military drills in the Punjab since last year.

The Indian military has also been sending soldiers to the border regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq to train for a possible military operation in India.

This military coup is expected after the Indian government has been forced to declare a state of emergency due to the military coup.

This means the military will be allowed to act.

However, the Indian military is being told to remain neutral and to not interfere in political or social affairs.

The coup is also likely to be carried out by the Indian National Army (INAF), the armed forces of India, as they have been in control of the region since the 1990s.

The army and the paramilitary forces of the military are known to be closely allied with Pakistan’s armed forces, which is the region’s main ally.

The INAF is also known to carry out attacks against the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also recently claimed that Pakistan is planning to launch a military operation against India.

India is a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, a non-nuclear club of countries, which also includes the United States.

However this has only emboldened the military to carry the coup.

The United States has been working with the Indian army in the past to train the Indian armed forces.

The current military coup has also angered many in India, who believe that India is using the coup to overthrow the government.

The government in India has been under a military coup, and has been accused of a number of violations, including for the murder of its prime minister, Sushil Kumar Modi, who was assassinated in his office in New Delhi in June.

The country’s military has been in a state-of-emergency since June, as a result of which there have been protests in the country.

This includes protests in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ranchi and other cities.

In April, the army was forced to call off an event in which it had invited thousands of military officers to march through the streets of the capital, Delhi.

However many in the military believed that the military would not be able to make it to the capital.

The soldiers were told that they would have to leave the country and that there would be no more marches.

On Tuesday, the military issued a statement in which they stated that the march had been canceled.

The statement also stated that they were going to conduct a counter-demonstration in front of the United Nations building.

The protesters have been demanding an end to the current government and the dismissal of the prime minister.

However since the coup attempt is still ongoing, the protests have been peaceful.

Indian media reported that several soldiers have been arrested in the province of Punjab for participating in the protest.

The Punjab government is also being blamed for the current military takeover in the state.

The prime minister has been suspended, and the state has been put under curfew.

However it is still not clear whether the military takeover will lead to a military takeover.

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