The biggest horse and pony show in New Zealand

The New Zealand equestrians’ club Miti Equestrian Club is looking for a new president.

Key points:Miti Equistrian Club has been in existence since 2004The club has held several shows over the years and is currently in the middle of a financial crisisIt has only been running for about a year, and it has been hit by financial difficulties for a number of yearsThe club had a “good run” for a while, but it has struggled financially and is now struggling to attract new members.

The New Zealand Association of Equine Club and Association members are hoping for a financial miracle.

“It’s not as if we’ve just had a good run, it’s been going for a couple of years,” club president Rob Stoll told Newsroom.

“We’ve been in the midst of a major financial crisis and I think the new president will bring some fresh ideas to help us.”

Club president Rob Scholl says the club needs new leadershipThe club is in the process of trying to find a new leader, but the most popular candidates are still former Miti executive vice president David Maitland and former club executive director Paul Johnson.

“The fact is that the Miti equestria club is not just a horse and carriage club,” Mr Stoll said.

“And it’s not just about horses and carriage.”

Mr Stoll says there are a number candidates who could bring some new ideas to the club.

“Paul Johnson has been a good member of the club for the last 15 years, and he is a great member of our club board, and has a good relationship with the club executive,” Mr Scholl said, adding that he believes Miti is looking to make some changes to the board.

“I’m confident that the board will take a fresh approach, and that will allow us to continue to grow the club.”

Club members had hoped the new chief executive would be someone who could help the club get back on its feet.

“Miti has a strong history in the horse industry and its a good organisation to build on, and we’re looking forward to a new chapter,” Mr Maitlands said.

Mr Scholl, however, said he would be looking to find someone with a new perspective on the horse trade.

“When I joined the club, it was a little bit of a struggle financially, and a lot of people wanted to join us because they knew about our heritage, and our culture and our history,” he said.”[But] in the last few years, we’ve been really struggling to find new members, so it was just a question of finding someone with the experience and the drive to take it forward.”

Mr Johnson said he was looking forward a fresh start.

“For the last five years I’ve been involved with the equestry industry, and for the past five years Miti has been involved in horse racing,” he told Newsrooms.

“So I think we’re all looking forward for a fresh look at the horse and equestries business.”


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