A-Team: King and Hoofbeat Z take a walk together in Japan

A-Trainz, a Tokyo-based equestria company, has teamed up with HoofBeatz, one of Japan’s biggest horse racing companies, to produce a new horse training program that promises to “bring together the best of Japanese horse training and harness training to bring a new level of happiness to horses, dogs, and people.”

According to the program, A-trainz, is partnering with HoopTrackz, an equestrians association in the U.S., to produce an online training course that promises, among other things, “the most comprehensive horse training system in the world.”

The course will teach horsemanship and equine anatomy, as well as horse health and performance, equine exercise and socialization, and equestrienic techniques.

The program will be offered on A- Trainz’s website, as a subscription, and will cost $399.00, or about $1,700 for two years of the program.

According to A- trainz, the program is intended to be “the world’s best horse training course.”

The company says that it is the “world’s first” online training program.

According to A Trainz, it is “an ambitious endeavor” that will include the creation of a “virtual training environment” that allows users to “work with horses and dogs through the unique, interactive environment that A- trains offer.”

A- Trainzy, A Trainzy’s website claims that the online course will “provide an in-depth training experience, which can be viewed on a screen or mobile device.”

The website says that the “program will not only provide a full range of training techniques for horseman and dog, but will also teach all aspects of horsemanship, including the basics of equine behavior, health, and temperament, as the course progresses.”

A Trainz has not responded to The Huffington post’s request for comment.

A-Trainzy was founded in 2013, and the company has a total of 16 registered horse clubs and a total number of horses that can be trained.

According the company’s website , A-Teams members train horses from five years old, while the average age of A-Trakz members is eight years old.

A Trainzy has been selling a variety of horse training programs for years.

According a 2012 profile in the Japanese newspaper Nikkan Gendai, the company was launched by former horse trainer Mitsuyoshi Kobayashi in 2013.

The company’s first two products, “The New Training” and “The Real Horse Training,” were launched in Japan in 2014 and 2017.

The latter was launched in 2018, and both products offered a “complete training experience” that included training for both horses and people.

The company has reportedly received more than $600 million in funding from Japanese and international investors.

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