When are you taking this horse to the races?

On a warm spring morning in April, the green fields of Brighton, in the English countryside, are ablaze with hundreds of green and white horses, their heads turned toward the sky.

As the horses circle a narrow road lined with white-painted brick houses, a group of men in orange vests gather to watch.

The group is known as the Irish Greenhounds.

The men, all in their 30s, are from Dublin and live nearby, working the fields.

They work as labourers and farm labourers, often in the same small family-run business.

It is a precarious work, the Irish greenhounds say, but they have been working for generations.

The family that makes up the Irish greenshounds is the first family to own the business.

The father of the family, George, says the business has grown so much in recent years that they no longer need to take in any more horses, as they have for the past 20 years.

This year, they will hire an additional two horses, which they hope will make the business even more profitable.

In the last 20 years, there have been more than 70 greenhound farms in Ireland.

It was a huge business in the late 1980s, when the business was founded in the 1920s by a group called the Greenhound Club.

The club was formed to encourage and educate people to harness and care for the country’s native greenhounding animals, which were hunted to near extinction by hunting and trapping.

Many of the club’s members died, but many others managed to survive.

One of the first greenhorses that George and his wife, Anne, started, Lizzy, is named for a former member of the Greenhound Club.

After the club dissolved in the 1970s, George and Anne started a second greenhoodle farm, where they raised a large herd of wild horses, called the Lizzies.

They now have about 100 wild horses.

The first farm in Brighton was built in 1920, but George and Ann started the farm in the 1960s, and it was only in 1986 that they took over the operation.

They also raised a herd of purebred horses in Brightham.

The Greenhogs are the only farm that is run by an independent owner.

Their success has meant that many of their horses have become celebrities, and a lot of the money they make from selling the horses goes to help fund the club.

“We had horses at one stage that were very valuable,” George says.

“Now they are valued at more than half a million pounds, and we have got a good income.”

George says the club was not as successful as it could have been, and in the past decade they have struggled to maintain the farm.

“It is a tough job,” he says.

George’s wife Anne says the most important thing is that their horses are cared for properly.

She adds that they are not concerned about the future of their breed.

“They are good to live with,” she says.

They say that the money from their business, and the donations from the public, are going toward support for other Irish greenhound owners.

They are also raising money to help the Irish National Greenhood Horse Foundation, a charity that works to help breeders and their horses and to raise awareness of the plight of wild animals.

“If we were not the Irish Greenshounds, we would be bankrupt,” George laughs.

George says that the business is still making money but has been unable to provide enough food for the animals, and they have had to use the proceeds of the sales of their horse to help feed their family.

George said that while they are very proud of their success, the future for their horse is uncertain.

“I don’t know how long this will last,” he said.

“My family is struggling and the whole thing is just too big.”

The Irish GreenHounds are part of a new breed of breeders who are trying to find a niche for the wild horses they breed and also to create a new generation of greenhogs.

Some breeders have made the decision to put their own stallions on the run, or to breed purebreds instead.

“There is no breeding of the wild greenhoes, and there will always be a place for purebred horse breeding,” says Richard Murphy, a breeder who runs the Breeder’s Choice breeding facility.

“But we’ve done an enormous amount to make our breed viable.

We’ve bred some fantastic, iconic, beautiful and unique animals, including the Irish Red and Blue.”

The breed is now called the Irish Blue.

A group of Irish breeders, led by John McKean, also run a breeding farm in Longreach.

John McLeod is the founder of McLeod’s Farm, and he says he started his breeding farm to create the Irish blue.

McLeod was the owner of a small dairy business before he bought the land on which the McLeod Farm is now located in Long

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