Panther Equestrian Club of New Jersey signs $10 million deal to acquire Tcu Equestrians

NEWARK — The Panthers are about to become the newest member of the panthers’ prestigious panther equo club, which has grown from just two members to nine now.

Tcu Equities announced Wednesday it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Panther Eques, the nonprofit organization that represents the team’s three-person panther team, and will add the club’s four other members.

The Panthers and Tcu are both affiliated with the New Jersey-based National Panther Foundation, which was founded in 2005 and serves as a hub for the equestrians worldwide.

The Panthers were a founding member of Panther Equests, the national organization that is part of the National Association of Retired and Disabled Athletes.

Tcu has been a founding partner of the Panthers since 2005, and the two companies have formed a partnership since then.

“The Panthers have a long history of working with our national panther club to raise funds and awareness to help the disabled and the sick, and now they are going to be able to do the same for our sport and their cause,” Panthers President Steve Pugh said in a statement.

“This new partnership will help Panther Equesters bring more visibility and support to the sport and the organization.”

The Panthers were in the process of forming a new governing body in New Jersey when the Panthers’ membership began to grow to nine members.

Pugh and other Panther officials visited New Jersey and visited Tcu members in the state.

Panthers president and CEO Mike Pachter and other team officials were also in New York to meet with Tcu officials and meet with members.

Tucs members were also invited to attend Panthers meetings in the New York City area.

Tucs membership grew to 17 members by July, with the Panthers expected to join the organization in September.

Tuca and his wife, Kim, will also join Panther Equoes new board.

Tuccas wife, Kelly, will join Tcu’s board.

Kelly is a graduate of The University of New York, and has been active in her community, serving as a teacher, social worker, and community outreach coordinator.

Kelly has been an advocate for women and people with disabilities, and is a longtime community leader.

Tufas other members are also members of PantherEques.

The club was founded by Kim Tufas and her husband, John, and was founded to help all animals and people who are disabled, as well as to provide financial assistance to the disabled.

The team has raised more than $1 million to help support people with intellectual disabilities, spinal cord injuries, and other disabilities.

The Tufases, along with their sons, Kyle and John, have been active members of the New Orleans panthers since 2003, and have been involved in the organization for nearly two decades.

Tubas other board members include, Tom Kohn, David Sargent, and John Kohn.

Tulandis board will consist of six members, including a board of directors.

Tuba and Tuca Tufase, the two other Panther Equi’s board members, will each receive $50,000 in support of their respective charities.

Tui and his brother, Chad, are currently the directors of Tcu.

Chad Tufa is a senior vice president at Tcu and a former Tcu president.

Tuba is a partner at the law firm of Pardee, Sargens, Daley & Pardees.

Tua has been involved with Panther Equates since 2002.

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