What is mushrifa equestrians club?

FourFourSeconds ago, the owners of a small equestria club in the northern state of Mizoram held a ceremony to announce the establishment of a new club.

The news was met with a mixed reaction by local residents, who called for the club to be disbanded.

The Mashrafaya Equestria Club was established on February 11, 2019 by a team of six women from the village of Rishikesh.

The club was created after the women of the village started a petition calling for the establishment in their village to be made legal.

The women have been trying for years to get the local government to enact the law.

The issue is now being resolved by the National High Court.

However, local residents have now taken to social media to voice their dissatisfaction.

The Mashraffa Equestrians Club’s Facebook page has been flooded with angry posts from angry locals, who have called for its closure.

The members of the Mashrafta Equistria Club say they have been unable to get any legal advice from the courts and that the club has been forced to disband.

The club was set up to give girls the opportunity to train as equestriens.

However local residents are also upset with the decision to dissolve the club.

They claim the girls are now “free riding” in the area.

“I have been protesting since January this year for the girls to be allowed to stay in our village,” resident Arundeet Thakur said.

“We have asked for legal advice.

However, the Mizorak government has not given us any legal support, nor has they given us the names of any of the judges who have been hearing our case.”

The government has allowed them to roam freely.

They are free to go and do whatever they want.

The girls are not allowed to come home to our village, where we live.

The government should make the law and protect the girls.

“A Mashrafa Equestrian Club member also spoke on the matter.”

There is no law in the country for the women who are riding on horses in Mizoras villages.

They have no rights.

The law does not apply to us.

It is the police who are trying to protect the women. “

The government is not protecting them.

It is the police who are trying to protect the women.

It’s sad.”

The National High Commission for Human Rights (NHCHR) said it was aware of the petition, but that the government had not yet responded to its plea.

“At the moment we are waiting for a reply from the government.

But at the moment, we are not giving any legal aid to the Mashrafaya Equistrian Club.

The NHCHR has received several calls and emails from Mizorams villagers who want the club dissolved,” NHCRC Chairperson S K Nair said.

The NHC has requested the government to issue a written order to the authorities of Mizori states to dissolve Mashrafayas Equestriades Club.

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