Which Olympic Games are worth watching?

The IOC has voted to allow the 2018 Summer Olympics to be held in China, and the decision was greeted with delight in the sports world.

This is the first time the world has allowed an Olympics to go ahead without a single Olympic-related event having to be declared canceled or delayed.

But it is also a step towards a potentially messy future for sports in the world’s second-biggest economy.

The IOC voted 8-0 in favour of approving the change, meaning the Olympics can proceed with or without the postponement of all of the events listed above.

While the decision means the games will now begin, the Olympics cannot go ahead until a new agreement has been reached between China and the International Olympic Committee.

It is unclear when this will be done.

With the Olympics having been held so far, the IOC has been forced to do things the way they have always done, with an eye to making sure the events do not disrupt the Games.

This means the Games will be able to go forward in 2019 without the possibility of a cancellation or postponement.

If that happens, the Olympic organisers will have to make the most of the new deal, but will also be forced to be flexible and take on extra workloads.

The Olympic Committee has also announced it will not be putting on a full range of events, meaning athletes will have more time to prepare for the Games and can be ready for events in other sports.

The Games will take place in a venue that has already been selected, and it is understood the IOC’s chief medical officer has also been invited to work on the project.

It’s unclear whether the IOC will still be able aced the vote.

The Olympics are due to take place from August 9-14 in Shanghai, with Beijing hosting the opening ceremony.

While there is no question that the Olympics will be very popular, there will also still be criticism of the event if there is a delay.

There has been no public outcry about the delay, and even if there were, the Games could still be cancelled due to the economic impact.

This would be the third time in the past four years that the Olympic Games have been cancelled in Beijing.

In 2016, the event was rescheduled due to financial issues, but the move did not go down well with the Chinese public.

As a result, the country was forced to postpone the Games altogether.

However, the Chinese government is now planning to hold the Games in 2019 in a city where there is already a population of more than 100 million.

This will be the second Olympics to come to an end in the country after the 2012 Summer Games in Beijing, which saw China become the world capital.

However the city has had its fair share of problems, with a huge number of deaths in the city due to pollution and other factors.

The first Games were also postponed in 2016 due to a health crisis in Beijing and the resulting air quality.

The second was postponed again in 2020 because of a major earthquake in the coastal city of Wuhan, which killed more than 1,400 people.

The third Games were held in Tokyo in 2020, but this was cancelled due the outbreak of pandemic-related diseases in Japan.

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