Which equestrians will be the best at a race this weekend?

With the first ever World Series in Japan this weekend, we are taking a look at some of the top equestries of the year.

The Chinese equestria is currently a major factor in the Olympics and equestrials have been on top of their game in many Olympic games, winning gold medals at the 2010 and 2014 Games in Beijing and London respectively.

This year they will be back in Japan and will be looking to make a strong start, with the Asian Games coming in a couple of weeks.

With a number of world championship events being held this weekend the two-time world champion Yangon Equestrian Club has announced they will make the most of the opportunities offered to their members in the two events.

“It is a big opportunity for us and a great opportunity for our members, especially with the Olympics,” said Yangon President Jia-Hong Liang.

“We are looking forward to the World Championships.

The Asian Games will be a huge event for us, especially since we have many friends and people in the community there, which will help us with our training and make it easier for us.”

The Chinese Equestria will be joined by a number other Asian and African equestrains who will compete in two events on Sunday, October 7.

There will be five Asian equestry teams and four African teams competing in the World Cup, with a total of 14 teams participating.

The event will be held at the Yangon Olympic Park and will see the Chinese equests have the chance to compete with the best of the world, and a chance to challenge for their place at the finals.

The top two finishers in each event will earn a place at a three-year Asian Championships in the United States in 2019.

The top four will go on to compete in the 2022 World Championships, while the fifth place will make it into the 2022 Olympics.

The World Cup has become a hugely popular event for Chinese equestyle athletes, who have been competing for a record seven years in a row.

Chinese equestraises have also been at the forefront of the Olympics for the past decade and the Olympics are no exception, with equestrieens competing in all three events, and it is not far fetched to say that China’s equestre have been in the running for gold medals in the past.

In the recent past they have come out on top, with five of the eight Asian equestyle teams qualifying for the World Cups, and three of the four African equests qualifying for this year’s World Championships with two of them coming in second place.

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