When you’re out on the town, do you need a jacket or a hat?

The jacket, hat, or both?

We have an answer.

The Oxford Street Men’s and Women’s Equestrian Club in London, which hosts some of the best events in the capital, is getting a new coat this year.

And we’re asking you, dear reader, what you think of the new design.

What do you think?

Did we miss any great design elements from the previous coat?

Let us know in the comments.

The Oxford Street Equestrians Club is taking the lead on the jacket design.

The club, based in the city’s fashionable Southwark district, is one of the UK’s most successful equestrians clubs, and is known for its unique coat designs.

Its main focus is to provide the UK with its very best equestries and its finest equestria, the club says on its website.

The coat is a blend of two styles, with an overall coat design that is a mix of wool and silk.

A wide collar with a zipper on the front, a long sleeves and sleeves down, and a narrow waistband are just a few of the details.

A narrow back with a full collar, a full sleeve skirt, and matching hat are all also included.

“We’re very proud of the coat, and have a range of options,” said club chief executive, Nick Hutton, in a statement.

“It’s a great way to introduce our club to the London area and its residents.”

The coat will cost £70, with a free one-day trial available.

And the club’s website has an image of a man in his coat standing over a horse with a hat over his head.

The horse looks very, very similar to the one on the Oxford Street website.

Hutton added that the coat is the first coat that the club will be producing in London and will be available for purchase at all events.

The club’s previous coat, which was introduced in 2016, had an open collar with buttons and zippers.

Hughson said that the Oxford street coat will be the first to be produced in London in a new fashion.

“It’s going to be the one that people are going to recognise,” he said.

“People are going [to] say, ‘This is what I see when I come to the club.'”

The Oxford street equestrials club website has more information about the new coat and is also currently accepting nominations for the new Oxford Street Coat Design of the Year Award.

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