The Jericho Equestrian Club will begin training with a new coaching system and coaching philosophy this fall, according to club president and CEO Scott Miller.

The club was one of two teams that qualified for the 2015 World Championships, and was one that was eliminated by Team USA.

In 2016, Miller said the club was struggling to get back into contention after having an excellent season in 2015, but he is confident the new coaching approach will improve the club’s season.

Miller spoke with The Associated Press during the preseason and said he believes the new approach will lead to better results.

He said it is not only about the horses, but the whole environment as well.

Miller said he will have meetings with the equestrians to make sure they have the best environment possible.

He added the coaching staff will focus on the horses and equestria.

Miller and team members, including team trainer and horse trainer Tom Pendergast, will attend the clubs annual annual meeting on Saturday, May 26, and will host a dinner on May 28.

Miller also said he expects to have a coaching session with members of the coaching team on Friday, May 31, and is planning to visit the club on May 23 to meet with its trainers.

Miller previously worked at the Rocky Mountain Equine Association, where he was the equine trainer and coach for the Rocky Mounted Patrol and the Mountain High Riders.

The Rocky Mounting Patrol is one of the three highest ranked teams in the sport.

Miller joined the club in 2013, and he said he feels the new team will help the club improve its performances and competitiveness.

Miller told The Associated News the club has been trying to improve on the results of the previous two seasons, which were not good.

He also said the team will continue to work on a new program.

He acknowledged that the club needs to do a lot more to attract more people to the sport, but said it will be an easier transition for everyone.

The new coaching program will be led by Scott Miller and will be run by a group of people who have experience in equine and horse training, Miller told the AP.

The coaching staff has not yet announced a date, but Miller said it could be during the summer.

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