What if we could have a game where you can choose your own adventure?

We’ve talked about this a lot, but here it is, in its purest form: a game with an emphasis on story.

In an alternate universe, the world would be populated by elves.

In the real world, the story is a mystery.

This is not an entirely new idea; in fact, the game is actually pretty much exactly what you’d expect a game of this type to be.

There are three main options: The first is that you play as the elf named Naga.

This makes sense, because Naga is a good friend of yours.

She’s the only elf that you can trust and can share information with, so it’s the best choice.

You’ll also have to be in a fantasy world that has elves, and they’re also your only means of communication.

You might want to avoid them because they’re weak.

But then you might want them because the other elves are dangerous.

You’re not going to be able to trust them all.

You don’t even know who they are, so there’s no point in playing this way.

The second option is that Naga gets kidnapped by some evil wizard.

She runs away and hides in a cave until you find her.

She wakes up to find a bunch of elves looking for her.

The third option is the most interesting: you’re playing as the wizard.

In your quest to find her, you will have to take down the evil wizard who kidnapped her.

You can also play as a normal human, but that’s not going on in the game.

The wizard is the villain of the story, so if you’re a nice guy, you can keep him in your party.

The main quest of the game revolves around finding Naga, because that’s the main way to save her.

Unfortunately, she’s already been kidnapped.

You get to choose which side of the argument you want to go on.

On your side, you play a neutral character who’s fighting against the wizard to save Naga from the evil wizards.

You also get to decide which side you want the game to go in.

You play as either a neutral or a neutral-aligned character, depending on which side the wizard takes.

The best strategy in this game is to choose neutral.

It will give you the most freedom, as you can play the same side as any character in the party.

This will give the game more variety in your choices, since the wizard can only be played as a neutral player in this story.

On the other hand, if you play an evil character, the wizard will become a villain, which is a bit more of a downside.

In fact, this is the reason why you’re not able to play as an evil player in the story: you’d be unable to choose who your friends are, which means you can’t play as anyone else.

If you play the bad guy, though, you’re in for a treat: you’ll have to choose between playing as one of the evil characters or the other.

If your character is an evil wizard, he’ll be a good guy, because he’ll have a good heart.

If his character is a neutral, the neutral-alignment party will get to play along.

However, if your character’s neutral, he can’t do anything.

The good guys will take over the game, and you’ll still have to make your own decisions.

This choice is very important, because it will determine what happens next in the adventure.

The final option is to take the “bad guy” side.

You will have two choices: You can go along with the wizard’s plan and save Nagar from the wizards.

Or you can go against the plan and go to the castle to rescue her.

It’s a complicated choice.

If this is your first time playing a fantasy game, you’ll probably want to take both.

The most obvious answer is that the wizard is going to take over, and if you want an enjoyable game, it’s best to go along.

But if you’ve played a lot of roleplaying games, and have the patience to get to know the characters, you may be able see a few advantages to this approach.

The first one is that your party can get a lot more diverse, and that’s a huge advantage.

The other is that this will be much more interesting to play with, because the wizard and the evil character will have a lot in common.

In this way, it allows you to play more like a real-world RPG: you have to decide who to trust and who not to trust, and who’s really the bad guys.

That’s a pretty big change in how a game is played.

It makes sense that the main characters of the world of Middle-earth would be a bunch, and the main antagonists would be evil wizards and evil elves.

It also makes sense to play this way because you want your characters to be as diverse as possible.

And, because you have a choice in who your

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