Which equestrians are on the run in the UAE?

The UAE has been hit hard by the economic crisis and the terror attacks in Paris, but one equestriaere sport in particular has not been spared.

A local equestriquet club has been put up for sale by its owners, who are desperate to recoup their money.

The club has more than 600 members, but the owners say they are not getting paid.

The owners of the Emirates Equestrian Club in Abu Dhabi are looking to sell the club, which is located in the town of Saad.

The UAE’s tourism minister, Hamad Bin Zayed, has ordered the police to crack down on the illegal and fraudulent activities of the club and its owners.

According to the Dubai News Agency, the police chief told the group they would have to hand over their property and the proceeds from the sale of the sports club would be used for the rehabilitation of the town.

However, the group says the government is not interested in paying for their rehabilitation.

The Emirates Equetrian Club has hosted the Emirates Grand Prix since 1992, and the club’s president, Zayed Al Nahyan, has been a member for almost two decades.

The president has been quoted by Reuters as saying that the government will not give them the money for the rehab.

The group said the owners are not in any danger.

“The police will be watching us,” Al Nahya said.

The police are reportedly preparing a report to justify the seizure of the group’s property.

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