‘We’re in a state of shock’: Women’s World Cup bid faces legal challenges

The Australian Football Association has said it is considering whether the women’s World Football League could be taken over by another governing body, as a number of women’s teams are suing to stop it from happening.

The women’s football league will not be in Australia again until 2021, after the ACL filed a legal challenge to the women, claiming the decision to allow the women to play in the league in 2018 was made in breach of its own rules.

“The ACL is taking this matter very seriously, and will work with the Australian Football Federation to determine the best course of action,” a spokesperson for the AFL said in a statement.

“As a matter of urgency, we will seek to have this matter heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

The ACL says the women should not be able to compete in the World Football league because of a loophole in the AFL’s rules.

It says the AFL has not been transparent about the league’s rules and has failed to implement a clear definition of a woman’s position.

“AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has indicated that he has no concerns about the eligibility of the Women’s AFL Football League to compete,” the ACL’s submission to the Federal Court said.

It was a rare occurrence in the women-only women’s game in Australia. “

There are no guarantees the AFL will comply with this request.”

It was a rare occurrence in the women-only women’s game in Australia.

The AFL has a women’s league in Queensland, with two teams, the Brisbane Broncos and the Brisbane Heat.

The Brisbane Broncos are the only women’s team in the Brisbane Roar women’s competition.

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