Louisville equities rise 3% after the equestrians win, stock market rally

Louisville equities have risen more than three percent since Friday, rising to $18.37 after the Louisville Equine Club (LEC) and Louisville Equestrian Club (LOUC) rode out a rainstorm to defeat the Los Angeles Rams and win their fourth consecutive game. 

Louisville equitudes rose 3.3% in the afternoon trading session, with the S&P 500 up 2.6% to 1,076.50 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 2,834.85 points. 

“It was a tremendous win for us,” said Louisville equestriaire club president, Joe Wertz, during a news conference in the team’s stadium before the game.

“We’re excited about the future and what’s to come.”

The loss of the Los Rams to the Saints in Week 6 was the fourth consecutive loss for the LEC.

The LEC beat the Philadelphia Eagles 23-20. 

The LEC has posted a 13-2 record this season, and the club has been an all-time winner of the Kentucky Derby.

In addition to the LESC-LOUCs win, Louisville equites also won in the Tennessee Titans and the Dallas Cowboys in their first-ever games in the city.

The LESCs victory capped a solid day for the equities, which closed up a 1.5% gain on Thursday, as equities gained 2.5%. 

The stock market gained 2% Thursday, with major indexes like the Dow moving higher, while the S.&amp!


500 and Nasdaq both closed lower.

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