When a Texas high school athlete is kicked out of a rodeo for playing a girl, he finds a new passion and an unexpected friend in a horse-riding friend

AUSTIN, Texas — On a warm, windy summer day last year, Justin Lomax, a high school senior from Austin, was riding in the horse barn with two other members of the high school’s equestrians club.

It was a small, tight-knit group that was formed by the club’s senior class.

But then one of the members, a girl in her early 20s, started making comments about how she wasn’t allowed to ride horses, Lomakoes wife said.

She said she was upset because Lomaks parents and grandparents have told him he could ride horses.

When Lomakes parents tried to tell him to leave, he refused.

“I didn’t feel safe with her there,” Lomas wife said in a telephone interview.

“She was not allowed to be in the barn and the horse race was not sanctioned.”

It wasn’t until she said something that Lomakers wife noticed the girl was getting more aggressive.

When her father and mother were in the living room, she heard her mother screaming.

Lomayas wife, who is a veterinary surgeon, immediately called his veterinarian.

The vet checked her husband out for his injuries and told him the girl had a fracture to her right foot.

The next day, Lomeas wife was standing in the backyard holding Lomamex’s horse, and Lomames mother was standing with her son, who was still on his horse.

“My wife and I were stunned,” said Lomasey, who has since been released from the hospital.

“It’s been a month and a half since that day and we still haven’t gotten any answers.

She’s still in a wheelchair and her parents are still trying to get answers for her.”

Lomax told NBC News that he has no idea what happened to his friend.

He said he tried to reach the girl for a month but was not able to contact her.

He called the UT System to complain about the situation.

A UT spokesman said Lomeys wife filed a complaint with the university, but did not provide a response to Lomases request.

“The UT System is not in a position to comment on the actions of this individual,” said Brian Kelly, a spokesman for the university.

Kelly said the school was aware of the situation and was in touch with Lomaex, who told his wife that he was leaving the campus because of the girl, not the horse.

He told his son he was going to the Dallas area and had plans to go to a horse auction.

Lomex said he was worried about the girl because he doesn’t know her.

“When I saw her, I knew I wasn’t going to see her again,” Lome told NBC affiliate KXAN.

“And I just thought that maybe she was taking me too far.”

The UT System, however, told NBC that it has received complaints about Lomakex, including one involving a female student who was not at the rodeo and was kicked out.

“There were students who were asked to leave the event and some students who had to leave because they were wearing the same dress and the same jacket,” Kelly said.

“These actions are not condoned and not supported by the University.”

Lomezs attorney, Kevin J. Deutsch, said his client was only trying to make a statement about his love for horses and the school system.

“He was trying to tell a young lady in the audience, ‘you don’t have to do this.

You can be a student and be a member of this club,'” Deutsch said.

Lomazs parents said they want Lomx to get the support he needs and hope he gets the help he needs to recover from his injuries.

“We’re just hoping that the UT system will take this seriously and that it takes the appropriate action,” said Justin Lomeza, Justin’s father.

“That’s the biggest thing, is that they take the matter seriously.

They’re going to take the actions that need to be taken, and they’re going have to put some of the pressure on the school.”

Lomatzs mother, who did not want to be identified, said she hopes her son recovers from his injury and can get back to riding horses.

“Hopefully he can get his life back, because it was a very difficult time for him,” she said.

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