What to know about the Aussie Equestrian Club’s recent expansion

On November 13, 2016, the AASF released a new logo for its upcoming expansion. 

AAP/ABC News The AASFs new logo includes the club’s colours of white, red, blue and black, along with the words “Aussie Equities”.

This is the first time the AAsF has included the word “Equity” in its branding since it opened its doors in 2001.

The AASFC has been an annual fixture in Australian sport since the beginning of the 20th century, and it’s been the first club in Australia to make an international appearance.

It is also Australia’s oldest club.

In the early days, the club was a very small operation in the heart of Melbourne, with only a handful of members in its early years.

But as the years went by, the numbers increased and the club became an institution.

Memberships now number in the hundreds, and a number of the memberships are paid out through the club, and through its own membership card, which is now a national model.

Many of the club members are older than 80, and their contributions have helped to shape the AAF.

According to the AA’s membership statistics, the membership of the Aasf today is approximately one third that of its founding members.

And the club has also contributed to the countrys sporting heritage through its participation in many sporting and community events.

This has been a major factor in the clubs growth in the last 15 years.

AASFA has grown in recent years, as have its membership numbers, and the Aasef is now one of Australia’s biggest sporting organisations.

However, in recent times, the growth of the sports community in Australia has also impacted the AASEF, as the clubs own membership has declined over the last couple of decades.

So the A ASF has recently come under increasing pressure to change its name, and some members are pushing for the club to drop the word ‘Equity’ from its name.

On Wednesday, November 18, the members of the Australian Equities Club voted on whether or not to change the club name.

The AASEFA is a non-profit organisation and the membership is made up of all people in Australia who are registered with the Aases.

The current name of the group is the Australian Equity Club, but a decision has not been made yet on whether it will remain a separate organisation.

The decision on whether the club should change the name is not the only issue the A AASEFI faces, however.

Although the club is not recognised by the ABA, the Australian Sports Council is.

At the time of publication, the issue was still being discussed by the council.

We understand the AFS has been working with the council to resolve the issue.

The Australian Equity Club’s current name is:The AAsAASFA’s membership numbers: Membership is currently 1,000 members (the majority of whom are over the age of 80) and the majority of the membership are members of its existing membership card which is currently the national model for the AUS.

There are approximately 2,000 active members, with the majority attending a club event every year.

Over a third of the current AASA memberships come from outside the country, including overseas members, and more than 80 per cent of the adult memberships that are in the ASF are foreign nationals.

Despite the AOA being the oldest Australian club, the majority is made-up of members from the Australian capital, and many of the clubs’ membership numbers come from overseas.

Currently, the current membership numbers are around 1,400 members, although the AAA has grown the membership numbers in recent months.

AASA membership is a form of membership, and is a way for members to be part of the activities of the organisation and participate in its events and activities.

The Club is also a way to support the AACA, which the A Ass also sponsor through the Club’s membership card.

As members, we all support the club through our membership card and we all contribute to its growth through the events and events it organises.

We are not an association, we are a club, it is an institution, and we are proud to be an Australian club.

The new AASSF logo will be used throughout the AISA, the national AAS club and the national club and its members.

The club will also continue to have an active presence on the AAAF website, as well as in a number other online venues.

More to come.

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