Paarl’s Equestrian Club is a hot property

A group of equestrians are taking aim at the city’s most popular club, Paarl.

The Paarl Equestrians Association says the Paarl club has become a symbol of gentrification.

“We feel that we are being threatened,” said Julie Lister, a former Paarl member who is now with the group.

“This club is not safe.”

Lister said she’s been at Paarl since 2008.

She said she was a member of the Paar’s team when she was younger and her memories of the club are very vivid.

“I feel like my life would be a lot easier,” she said.

Lister says she’s had to move to other clubs in the area because of the increasing influx of newcomers.

She wants to see Paarl reopen and make it a more welcoming place for equestria.

Listers concerns are shared by many others.

“The Paarl Club is the only place I’ve been to that I felt safe in,” said Lister.

“If I go to the other clubs, they are not safe, I don’t feel safe.”

Paarl eques have seen a lot of gentrifying developments in the last year.

In October, a development took the shape of a huge warehouse with the promise of more apartments to be built in the immediate area.

That same month, the city announced plans to build a $15-million mixed-use complex.

LISTER also believes the Paars recent moves have damaged the club.

“In the last few years, the Paats have tried to make it seem more like a club than a sanctuary,” she told The Globe and Mail.

“They’re trying to create a feeling of exclusivity.

LISTER believes the club has to be open for everyone, including equestriacs. “

For us, that’s not the Paard’s place to be.”

LISTER believes the club has to be open for everyone, including equestriacs.

She thinks the Paarf’s owners need to show respect to the community and not take advantage of the community.

“There needs to be more focus on the community,” she added.

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