How to ride a horse on a rainy day in Honduras

DREAMLAND, Honduras — A man who survived a helicopter crash in the Amazon says he was just one of many lucky people to survive the rainy season in Honduras.

Honduras Equestrian Club president Ricardo Sanchez said the club has been in Honduras since 1996, and is the first one to have two members who were both killed in a helicopter accident in 2013.

“They were flying a tandem when the aircraft crashed,” Sanchez said.

“They were two of the most fearless and skilled people in the equestrians and horses industry.

They were very well-prepared for this.

They have done everything to get to this point.”

Sanchez said they had a great staff in Honduras and the organization was looking for people to join.

The club is looking for an equestriencer who can provide the riding skills needed to continue riding and train horses.

The club will pay the rider $1,000 to join, and the rest of the expenses for the rider will be covered by the organization, Sanchez said.

“The most important thing is to survive,” he said.

Sanchez was in the hospital for five days while receiving treatment for pneumonia, and said the hospital didn’t offer him much care.

He said the weather was very bad in Honduras, and that he and his wife had to wait three days before they could leave the hospital.

Santos is a father of three.

His oldest son, Daniel, is a professional equestriever and the coach of a small equestrial team.

Sanchez said he was looking forward to returning to work, even if the weather wasn’t ideal.

He said the couple is in the process of starting a business and they hope to open a stall in Honduras soon.

Sue Martinez, who lives in Honduras with her husband and children, said she is very grateful for the support the club is receiving.

“I think it’s really good that the organization has the courage to come here and to support them, especially if they’re in this situation,” she said.

Martinez said she hopes the equine community can be supportive and show the world that equestria can thrive.

She said the support is crucial to the health of equine animals and their communities.

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